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The AVA Analyst Certification Seminar

About AVA Analyst Training

Conducted by a member of AVA Assessment Associates professional staff, this seminar teaches the methodology, interpretation, and applications of the Activity Vector Analysis (AVA). Participants will learn the AVA System through a combination of lecture and open discussion, presented in a comfortable classroom setting. More than 50 years experience and research have proven this course to be an absorbing, valuable, and thought-provoking learning encounter for our clients.

Who should attend?

AVA training benefits business people who desire to use objectively based behavioral assessment approaches to understand the critical needs and factors that impact the success of their employees. Although many participants have experience and education in the human resources field, those from a variety of professional backgrounds also reap the rewards of understanding human behavior through AVA training.

Seminar Objectives

Participants will be trained to interpret AVA and utilize the System's instruments and software programs for the following application:

  • Individual Assessments

  • Position Assessments

  • Performance Assessments

  • Determining Career Paths

  • Team Building

  • Motivation

  • Career Counseling

  • Leadership Development

  • Consulting Projects

Special Benefits

Participants will learn the latest technologies and applications of AVA. Once back on the job, they will be equipped with the tools necessary to increase quality and productivity within the organization. Special segments are scheduled to provide answers to specific questions participants have about AVA. The questions are discussed interactively so that participants will learn and use this knowledge in the workplace. To ensure and maximize productive usage of the AVA system and products, the seminar includes comprehensive participant manuals and reference materials. Knowledge is reinforced with audiovisual presentations and case study experience to provide a strong conceptual understanding of the AVA System and its potential. Analysts will receive an overview of our state-of-the-art WebAVA administrative scoring and reporting capabilities. Post-seminar AVA software technical support as well as interpretation assistance are available to all analysts.


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