Sample AVA Reports

The unique strength of the Activity Vector Analysis (AVA) behavioral assessment system is its ability to provide detailed, comprehensive, and highly predictive information in various reports.

To see samples of AVA results, please click on one of the report titles highlighted below.

Individual Reports

These reports provide clear and complete pictures of an individual’s natural behavioral tendencies. In addition to a comprehensive narrative, reports include behavioral descriptors, statements about natural tendencies, management competencies, operating style in current and ideal environments, persuasive style, behavioral strengths and weaknesses, and coaching tips.

Managing For Excellence (MFE)

AVA Counselor

Behavioral Tendencies

Management Competencies

Management Tips

AVA Individual Fit

Workplace Indicators


Job Reports

Job reports describe the ease or difficulty with which an individual will execute a certain job and are excellent predictors of success for use in hiring and placement.

Dynamic Job Activity Rating (JAR) Report

Job Interviewing Questionnaire


Group Reports

These reports are used for team building, job selection, conflict resolution and other activities that require an understanding of group dynamics.

Team Synopsis Report